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What Factors Need to Be Considered Before Choosing and Installing Solar Inverters?

The inverter is the brain of a solar energy system. While the main job of a solar inverter is to convert DC electricity into usable AC electricity, it also has other functions. If there is a problem with even one solar panel in your system, your solar inverter can detect it. You need to consider these factors before selecting and installing a solar inverter.

The size and appropriate VA rating of the solar inverter

This is one of the most important factors to consider. To understand the size of the Microtek solar inverter you need, you need to consider how it will be used and the power requirements. Let's say you need to power 2 fans, a fridge, and a TV. Assuming the fans are 75 watts, the fridge is 200 watts, and the TV is 100 watts, your total power requirement would be {(2*75)+200+100}=450 watts. With this information, you can get the solar inverter that suits your needs.

The VA rating is the volt-ampere rating of a solar inverter. The best way to determine the correct VA rating is to divide the total power requirement (in watts) by the power factor in your home, which is typically 0.8. For example, if your total power requirement is 2000 watts, the VA rating would be 2000/0.8=2500VA.

Solar inverter type and battery type

You may need to consider three types of solar inverters based on waveform: pure sine wave, modified sine wave, and square wave. The most recommended use is pure sine wave because most appliances need a pure sine wave to function properly. The modified sine wave is noisier and rougher than the pure sine wave and is not suitable for all devices. The square wave is the rarest among them because their applications are limited.

The battery is an important component of a solar system. The performance and lifespan of a solar inverter depend on its battery. Batteries are divided into three types: lead-acid batteries, maintenance-free batteries, and tubular batteries. Compared to other batteries, maintenance-free batteries are the safest to use. They are sealed and do not require replenishing or checking the electrolyte level like lead-acid batteries.

Operating time and installation location of appliances via solar inverters

The duration of operating appliances through a solar inverter depends on the battery size and the type of battery used. A solar inverter draws power from a battery. The operating hours of all devices and the backup capacity of the battery required to run them.

The installation location determines the lifespan of the solar inverter. Ensure that the area has sufficient clean ventilation and is large enough. It should not be exposed to adverse environments such as overheated or humid storage cabinets, unsealed batteries, and gases. Some specific solar inverters can withstand harsh environments, but their costs are higher. It is recommended to place the inverters in a well-ventilated large area.


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