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What Are the Core Components of a Single Phase Solar Inverter?

When it comes to inverters, most people know that these electronic devices can convert different types of currents, such as converting DC to AC. Because most of our household appliances use AC power and with the popularity of various household appliances, single phase grid tie inverter like this have become indispensable devices for households.

The core components of single phase solar inverters

For example, for an 8kw single phase solar inverter and 8kw grid tie solar system, the inverter module can be said to be one of its core components. It plays a critical role in helping the 8kw single phase solar inverter convert AC to DC. The working process of the inverter module is similar to that of a rectifier. Usually, the widely used conversion technology is pulse width modulation technology. This part of the "brain" acts as commands and controls.

In addition to transformers, stabilizers, low-voltage protection circuits, and other devices are also common core components of 8kw single phase solar inverters. It is precisely because of the collaboration of these core components that this seemingly insignificant electronic device, the inverter, can play an important role and bring great convenience to our daily lives. Of course, when we talk about inverters in our daily lives, we are not talking about just one type of inverter. There are many types of inverters that can be used in real life, such as square wave inverters, pure sine wave inverters, and so on. We won't go into detail here. When consumers choose inverters, they still need to make decisions based on their actual needs.

Choosing a solar inverter

When you are choosing a solar inverter, the first consideration is to have sufficient rated capacity to achieve the maximum demand for electrical power for the equipment under load. For inverters with a single device as the load, the selection of the rated capacity is relatively simple.

When the electrical equipment is a pure resistive load or the power factor is higher than 0.9, the selected rated capacity of the inverter should be 1.1 to 1.15 times the capacity of the electrical equipment. In addition, solar inverters should also have the ability to withstand capacitive and inductive load shocks.

For ordinary inductive loads, such as DC motors, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, and large power pumps, when starting, their instantaneous power may be 5-6 times their rated power. At this time, the inverter will bear a large transient surge protection. For this type of system, the rated capacity of the inverter should have sufficient margin to ensure that the load can start safely and reliably. High-performance inverters can achieve sustained full-load starting multiple times without damaging electronic components. Small inverters may need to use soft start or current limiting start methods to ensure safety.

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