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Use and Maintenance of PV Inverters

Solar AC power generation system consists of solar panels, solar charge controller, inverter, and batteries.

Learn about PV solar inverters

PV inverter can convert the variable DC voltage generated by the PV solar panel into AC frequency electricity that can feedback to the commercial transmission system or be used to supply off-grid power system. The inverter is a power conversion device, whose main function is to convert the DC power of the battery into AC power. Through the full-bridge circuit and modulation, filtering, and booster processes using the SPWM processor, it can provide users with the sine wave AC power that matches the load frequency and rated voltage.

Use of PV inverter

  • Connect and install devices strictly according to the inverter's user manual requirements. Check carefully whether the wiring meets the requirements, whether parts and terminals are loose during transportation, whether the insulation is good, and whether the grounding of the system meets the regulations during installation.

  • Operate and use the PV inverter in strict accordance with the instructions in the user manual. Pay attention to whether the input voltage is normal before powering on and whether the indication of the table heads and indicator lights is normal during operation.

  • PV inverter generally has protections against short circuit, over-current, over-voltage, and over-temperature. So, there is no need to manually stop the machine when these phenomena occur. Automatic protection will start immediately. Generally, it is already set when it is shipped from the factory and requires no further adjustment.

  • There is high voltage in the PV inverter cabinet. Operators are generally not allowed to open the cabinet door, and the cabinet door should be locked normally.

  • When the indoor temperature exceeds 30℃, heat dissipation measures should be taken to prevent equipment failure.

Maintenance of PV inverter

  • Regularly check whether the connections of various parts of the PV inverter are firm and whether there is any looseness, especially checking the fan, power module, input terminal, output terminal, and grounding.

  • Once an alarm is triggered and the machine stops, do not turn it on immediately. Check the reason and repair it before turning it on. The inspection should be carried out in strict accordance with the steps specified in the PV Inverter Maintenance Manual.

  • Operators must be trained specially to judge the causes of general faults and able to troubleshoot. For example, they must be proficient in replacing fuses, components, and damaged circuit boards. Untrained personnel is not allowed to operate the equipment.

  • In case of accidents or unclear causes of accidents, detailed accident records should be made and the PV inverter manufacturer should be informed in time for a solution.

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