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Special Report On Solar Pv Global Supply Chains From LEA

The IEA released a report in July 2022, "Special Report on Solar PV Global Supply Chains," which said that expanding and diversifying global production of solar panels would facilitate a safe transition to net zero emissions. The global supply chain for solar panels is currently focused on China.

special report on solar pv global supply chains from ieaChina's industrial and innovation policies focused on expanding solar panel production and markets have helped make solar PV the most affordable technology for power generation in many parts of the world. China ranks first in the solar PV industry in terms of both production capacity and output.

special report on solar pv global supply chains from iea

Key stages in the main manufacturing process for solar PV

However, according to an IEA special report on the solar PV global supply chain, the massive global expansion of solar PV power has led to imbalances in the solar PV supply chain. Different vulnerabilities and risks.

special report on solar pv global supply chains from iea

Diversification of the PV supply chain is not only a beneficial measure to address supply chain vulnerabilities, but can also further promote the efficiency of PV product manufacturing, facilitate the technological upgrading of PV production, reduce costs, and promote the recycling of PV products.

special report on solar pv global supply chains

Finally, the report summarizes the policy approaches taken by governments to support domestic solar PV manufacturing and makes recommendations based on these approaches.

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