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Safety In Microtek, We Are In Action

In order to further strengthen the safety awareness, improve safety prevention ability, solid implementation of fire safety production measures, Microtek organized a series of activities themed "Fire & Safety production".

Fire safety knowledge training lectures


May.31th 13:30-15:30pm  

Large meeting room at 511

During the organization of fire safety knowledge training lectures, the participants are leaders of various departments, as well as R&D and production personnel, etc., deeply build safety production awareness, the implementation of safety and safety production rules.

Factory production safety

Wave soldering safety production

microtek power

safety in microtek we are in action

Check and record fire equipment regularly

Safe use of power, turn off the main power switch after work

microtek company

microtek products

Electrician & security guard patrol fire and dormitory

microtek company inverterlithium battery pack manufacturer

Checking fire Equipment

Through the inspection of fire equipment and staff dormitory, Microtek fully reflects the importance of staff life safety and enterprise production safety, adheres to life first, strengthens production safety management, prevents and solves major safety risks, and ensures the safety of people's life and property.

Electricity and water inspection

solar inverter companysolar inverter factory

Check the water

R&D laboratory equipment safety

solar inverter suppliersolar inverter manufacturer

Check equipment to ensure normal and safe operation

Safety is credibility, safety is efficiency, safety is competitiveness. We must correctly set up the common safety values, ensure that production safety is truly an internal demand, a life consciousness, a conscious behavior of employees. The life and health of employees are above everything else. Everyone should bear in mind that "safety comes first, nip in the bud" and put safe production into practice.

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