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Microtek SUNSHINE 3.5/5.5KW Off Grid Inverter

SUNSHINE is an off-grid inverter from Microtek with MPPT function, which can convert solar energy to the maximum extent; with RGB lighting, it has a gorgeous appearance and has three lighting modes. Its Rated Power is 5.5KW/3.5KW solar inverter, suitable for small home, RV or outdoor.

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Features of Microtek SUNSHINE 3.5/5.5KW Off Grid Solar Inverter

  1. RGB Light.

  2. PV input.

  3. WIFI Monitor.

  4. Communication:RS232, USB, RS485, WIFI.

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Specifications Of SUNSHINE 3.5/5.5KW Off Grid Inverter

MODELSUNSHINE 3.5KW solar inverterSUNSHINE 5.5KW solar inverter
Rated Power3500VA/3500W5500VA/5500W
Battery Voltage24VDC48VDC
Floating Charge Voltage27VDC54VDC
Overcharge Protection33VDC63VDC
Selectable Voltage Range170-280VAC(For Personal Computers); 90-280VAC(For Home Appliances)170-280VAC(For Personal Computers); 90-280VAC(For Home Appliances)
Frequency Range50Hz/60Hz(Auto sensing)50Hz/60Hz(Auto sensing)
AC Voltage Regulation(Batt. Mode)230VAC±5%230VAC±5%
Surge Power7200VA11200VA
Transfer Time15ms(For Personal Computers); 20ms(For Home Appliances)15ms(For Personal Computers); 20ms(For Home Appliances)
WaveformPure sine wavePure sine wave
Solar Charger TypeMPPTMPPT
Maximum PV Array Power4000W6000W
MPPT Range@Operating Voltage120~450VDC120~450VDC
Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage500VDC500VDC
Max mum Solar Charge Current120A120A
Maximum AC Charge Current100A100A
Maximum Charge Current120A120A
Dimension, D x W x H(mm)115x300x400552x422x152mm
Net Weight(kgs)918
Communication InterfaceUSB/RS232/RS485(BMS) /Local WiFi/Dry-contactUSB/RS232/RS485(BMS) /Local WiFi/Dry-contact
Humidity5% to 95% Relative Humidity(Non-condensing)5%to 95% Relative Humidity(Non-condensing)
Operating Temperature-10°C to 50°C-10°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature-15°C to 60°C-15°C to 60°C


Benefits Of Microtek Solar Inverter SUNSHINE 3.5/5.5KW

  • Brilliant RGB lighting.

  • High Efficiency Solar PV Input.

  • WiFi monitoring, can be operated by mobile phone.

  • Can be used with or without battery.

  • Touch LCD screen buttons for intuitive, clear image and space saving.

  • More design ideas about 3.5 kw off grid solar system, click here

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How To Use Microtek Solar Inverter SUNSHINE 3.5/5.5KW?

How To Use Microtek Solar Inverter SUNSHINE 3.5/5.5KW?

The output power of the SUNSHINE 3.5KW off grid solar inverter must be greater than the total power of the electrical appliances used at the same time, the DC voltage must be consistent with the battery voltage, and the positive and negative poles must be connected correctly. 

From Microtek solar inverter factory, The 3.5 kw solar inverter must be placed in a well-ventilated, non-humid place to avoid rain. It should be at least 10 cm away from surrounding objects. The last startup should not be too frequent, and the time interval between two startups should be more than 5 seconds.

Microtek Solar Inverter SUNSHINE 3.5/5.5KW FAQs

What is the voltage of SUNSHINE 5.5kw/3.5 kw solar inverter?

Battery voltage is 24VDC, input/output voltage is 230VAC.

How is the quality of SUNSHINE 5.5kw/3.5 kw solar inverter?

1 year warranty, can be used for about 5 years.

How is the efficiency of SUNSHINE 5.5kw/3.5 kw solar inverter?

SUNSHINE 3.5/5.5KW Efficiency(Peak) 90%~93%.

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