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Microtek SUNSEEKER 6KW Hybrid Solar Inverter

SUNSEEKER 6KW is a hybrid photovoltaic inverter with RGB lighting design, grid-connected and off-grid integration, large touchable LCD screen, and WiFi function, which is easy to use.

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Features of SUNSEEKER 6KW Hybrid Solar Inverter

  1. RGB Light.

  2. PV input.

  3. WIFI Monitor.

  4. Communication:RS232, USB, RS485, WIFI.

  5. Touch Button and LCD.

  6. Work with or without battery.

  7. USB On-the-go Function.

  8. Reserved communication port for BMS.

  9. 120A Solar Charger+AC Charging current.

  10. Built inside with BMS.

  11. Parallel up to 9pcs optional.

  12. Real Hybrid Can Feed to Grid.

  13. Dual AC&12Vdc Output.

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Specifications Of SUNSEEKER 6KW Hybrid Solar Inverter

Basical information
Max.PV Input Power6000W
Rated AC Output Power6000W
PV Input(DC)
Nominal DC Volt/Max DC Voltage360VDC/500VDC
Start-up Voltage/Initial Feeding Voltage120VDC
MPPT Voltage Range120-450VDC
No.of MPPT Tracker/Max.Input Curent1/27A
AC Input(AC)
AC Start-up Voltage/Auto Restart Volt.120Vac-140Vac/180Vac
Acceptable I put Voltage Range90-280Vac or 170-280Vac
Max.AC Input Current40A
Grd Output inGrid-Tie/Hybrid Operation(AC)
Nominal Output Volt220Vac/230Vac/240Vac, Single Phase dual AC output
Output Voltage Range184V-265Vac or 195-253V(Selectable)
Nominal Output Current26.0A
Power Factor1
Max.Conversion Efficiency(DC/AC)96%
Battery Mode Output(AC)
Nominal Output Volt230Vac dual AC output + 1pc*12Vdc/10A max
Wave formPure sine wave
Efficiency(DC to AC)93%
Battery & Charger
Battery Type SupportedLead Acid/Lithium-lon
Nominal Battery Voltage48Vdc
Max Solar Charge Current120A
Max AC Charge Current120A
Max Total Charge Current120A
Products Dimension, D x W x H(mm)356 x 471 x 149
Product Net Weight(kgs)13.5
Packing Dimension, D x W x H(mm)535 x 425 x 2224, 1PCS/CTN
Product Gross Weight(kgs)15
Parallel functions OptionalYes, optional, max 9pcs
Communication InterfaceRS232, USB, RS485, WIFI
Humidity5% to 95% Relative Humidity(Non-condensing)
Operating Temperature-10℃ to 50℃


Benefits Of Solar Inverter SUNSEEKER 6KW

  • Built-in BMS, effectively protect the battery.

  • Versatile on-grid and off-grid use.

  • Strong scalability, up to 9 units in parallel.

  • Various transmission methods: RS232, USB, RS485, WIFI.

  • Rugged, durable and efficient.

  • More information about 6kw hybrid solar system.

How To Use Microtek Solar Inverter SUNSEEKER 6KW?

How To Use Microtek Solar Inverter SUNSEEKER 6KW?

In Microtek hybrid inverter factory, SUNSEEKER 6KW household on-grid and off-grid energy storage system is mainly composed of SUNSEEKER series all-in-one machine, current sampling transformer or electricity meter, energy storage battery, monitoring, load, power grid, etc. 

The photovoltaic array converts solar energy into electric energy under the condition of illumination , supply power to the load through the on-grid and off-grid energy storage inverter, and charge the battery pack; when there is no light, the AC load is powered by the battery and the power grid.

Solar Inverter SUNSEEKER 6KW FAQs

How does a hybrid solar inverter work?

From Microtek company inverter, The hybrid solar system consists of inverter, charger, battery and solar panel. Solar panel Mobile phone solar energy is converted into electric energy by inverter, or stored by battery or directly used by solar energy.

Should I upgrade my solar system to a hybrid inverter?

If your inverter has reached the time of retirement, we recommend you to purchase our SUNSEEKER 6KW hybrid solar inverter with high efficiency and good quality.

Can your hybrid solar inverter be fed into the grid?

Yes, SUNSEEKER 6KW is a real hybrid can feed into grid.

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