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Microtek SUNNY 5KW Off Grid Inverter

The SUNNY series product is an off-grid solar inverter with a parallel function. The stable and good parallel operation of the inverter will greatly improve the reliability and capacity of the micro grid system. This model can be connected in parallel with a maximum of 6 inverters.

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Features of Microtek SUNNY 5KW Off Grid Solar Inverter

  1. With High PV Input Voltage Range(120-500VDC).

  2. With WIFI Function Optional.

  3. With Touch Button on the LCD Display.

  4. Efficently work with or without battery.

  5. With 100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Built-in.

  6. Max. Can Be 6PCS in Parallel.

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Specifications Of SUNNY 5KW Off Grid Inverter

The rated power5000VA/5000W
Selectable Voltage Range185-264VAC±3V(UPS); 154-264VAC±3V(Appliances)
Frequency Range50Hz/60Hz(Auto sensing)
AC Voltage Regulation(Batt. Mode)208/220/230/240VAC±5%
Surge Power10000VA
Transfer Time10ms(UPS); 20ms(Appliances)
Wave formPure sine wave
No Load Current1.3A
Battery voltage48VDC
Constant charging voltage(adjustable)56.4VDC
Low battery cut off protection voltage42VDC
Low battery recovery voltage46.0VDC
Floating Charge Voltage54VDC
Overcharge Protection64VDC
Maximum PV Array Power5500W
MPPT Range at Operation Vol.120~430VDC
Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Vol.500VDC
Number of MPPT trackers/Max output current100A
Maximum AC Charge Current100A
Max mum Charge Current100A
Max mum Efficiency98%
LCDOperating mode/load/input/output
Products Dimension, WxDxH(mm)312x495x125
Packing size, WxDxH(mm)395x577x217
Net Weight(kgs)13KG
Operating Environment20%~95%(Non condensing)
Operation Temperature0℃-50℃


Benefits Of Microtek Solar Inverter SUNNY 5KW

  • High power transmission efficiency.

  • Can support WiFi function.

  • LCD display, fast button response, safe and reliable.

  • Works efficiently with or without the battery.

  • Up to 6PCS can be connected in parallel.

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How To Use Microtek Solar Inverter SUNNY 5KW?

How To Use Microtek Solar Inverter SUNNY 5KW?

The main function of SUNNY 5KW photovoltaic inverter is to convert the direct current generated by solar panels into alternating current used by home appliances. By Microtek solar inverter factory, Before making the electrical connection of the PV inverter, make sure that the DC switch of the inverter is in the "OFF" state, and disconnect the AC side circuit breaker. Then there is each inverter to be installed independently - an AC circuit breaker.

It is forbidden to connect the load between the inverter and the circuit breaker. It is forbidden to use single-core wire at the inverter output. It should be noted that the protective ground wire PE needs to be connected, and it is also necessary to ensure that the output wire is well connected before turning on the inverter.

Microtek Solar Inverter SUNNY 5KW FAQs

How many solar panels can SUNNY 5KW match?

Best panel configuration: 300Wp*6pcs*30V(2700Wp) * 2 Parallel.

Can SUNNY 5KW load air conditioners?

Yes, but you cannot use appliances that exceed the total limit at the same time.

Can SUNNY 5KW store electric energy?

Of course, SUNNY 5KW is an off grid inverter, which converts solar energy into electrical energy in the photovoltaic system and stores it in the battery.

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