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Microtek Split phase 8KW Hybrid Solar Inverter

Split phase 8KW Hybrid
Split phase 8KW Hybrid
Split phase 8KW Hybrid

Features of Split phase 8KW Hybrid

  • Efficiency: Dual MPPT with up to 99.9% efficiency; UP to 22A PV input current perfect for high power modules.

  • User-friendly: Industrial design with a modern aesthetic look ; Easy to install and simple to use

  • All-in-one: Solar Charger Controller up to 200A charging current; Support for Li-ion battery BMS communication.

  • Reliable: Output high quality pure sine wave AC power; 8KW load power to meet the needs of most households.

  • Safety: 360 degrees of security from hardware to software; EU and North American safety approvals.

  • Intelligent: Exclusive Li-ion battery BMS dual activatio;Time-slot function to save cost with peak-valley tariff.

Application scenario: House, Farm, Telecom, Countryside, Island, Pasture and so on.

Specifications Of Split phase 8KW Hybrid

MODELSplit Phase 8KW Hybrid Solar Inverter
Rated Output Power8000W
Max. Peak Power16000W
Rated Output Voltage120/240Vac (L1/L2/N/PE split phase)
Load Capacity of Motors5HP
Rated AC Frequency50/60 Hz
WaveformPure Sine Wave
Switch Time10ms (Typical)
Parallel Capacity/
Battery TypeLi-ion / Lead-Acid / User Defined
Rated Battery Voltage48Vdc
Voltage Range40~60Vdc
Max.MPPT Charging Current200A
Max.Mains/Generator Charging100A
Max.Hybrid Charging Current180A
Num. of MPPT Trackers2
Max.PV Array Power11000W
Max.Input Current22/22A
Max.Voltage of Open Circuit500Vdc
MPPT Voltage Range125~425Vdc
Input Voltage Range90~140Vdc
Frequency Range50/60 Hz
Bypass Overload Current63A
MPPT Tracking Efficiency99.90%
Max. Battery Inverter Efficiency92.00%
Dimensions620*435*130mm (2*1.4*0.4ft)
Protection DegreeIP20, Indoor Only
Operating Temperature Range-10~55℃,>45℃ derated
Humidity-25°C ~ 60°C
Cooling MethodInternal Fan
Warranty2 Years
Embedded InterfacesRS485/CAN/USB/Dry contact
External Modules(Optional)Wi-Fi/GPRS



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