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Single Phase Solar Inverter

Microtek Single Phase Solar Inverter

Microtek Single Phase Solar Inverter 3.5KW-8KW is suitable for small solar off-grid systems or various household loads. 

Pure sine wave inverter has high conversion efficiency and stable performance; factory direct sales, welcome to inquire.

Microtek Single Phase Solar Inverter 3.5KW-8KW is suitable for small solar off-grid systems or various household loads. 

Pure sine wave inverter has high conversion efficiency and stable performance; factory direct sales, welcome to inquire.


Types Of Microtek Single Phase Solar Inverters

Microtek single-phase solar inverter is a reliable and efficient way to convert solar energy into electricity. It is designed to be used in residential, commercial and industrial applications. The single-phase solar inverter has a maximum power output of 8kW, high efficiency up to 98%, and advanced technology for maximum energy harvesting. Single phase hybrid solar inverter features a digital LCD display, and built-in safety features, and can be connected to the grid or battery. With its advanced technology, single-phase solar inverter helps to reduce energy costs and increase energy efficiency. It is also equipped with an anti-theft protection system for added security. In addition, Microtek single-phase solar inverter comes with two-year or five-year warranty.

SUNSHINE 3.5/5.5KW Off Grid Inverter
SUNSHINE is an off-grid inverter from Microtek with MPPT function, which can convert solar energy to the maximum extent; with RGB lighting, it has a gorgeous appearance and has three lighting modes. Its Rated Power is 3.5/5.5KW, suitable for small home, RV or outdoor.
SUNSHINE 8KW Off Grid Solar Inverter
SUNSHINE 8KW has two power models, which can meet the needs of most medium and large power equipment. Photovoltaic input, no need to connect to the grid, eliminating the trouble of power failure. Touchable LCD panel design for easy operation.
SUNRISE 4.2/6.2KW Off Grid Inverter
Touch Button and LCD; Wifi Monitor; USB On-the-go Function; Work with or without Battery; Communication port for BMS.
SUNBATH 3.5/5.5KW Off Grid Inverter
With 100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Built-in; Efficiently Work With or Without Battery; WIFI Function Optional; With Touch Button on the LCD Display.
SUNNY 5KW Off Grid Inverter
The SUNNY series product is an off-grid solar inverter with parallel function. The stable and good parallel operation of the inverter will greatly improve the reliability and capacity of the micro grid system. This model can be connected in parallel with a maximum of 9 inverters.
SUNSEEKER 5KW Hybrid Solar Inverter
Built-in WIFI for Mobile Monitoring(Requires APP); 5KW Work as Off Grid and On Grid; Max. Can Be 9pcs in Parallel With Optional Kit; Compatible with Lithium Battery; High efficiency with or without battery.
SUNSEEKER 6KW Hybrid Solar Inverter
Dual AC&12Vdc Output; With RGB Light; Parallel up to 9pcs optional; Real Hybrid can Feed to Grid; Touch Button and LCD.
SUNSEEKER 8KW Hybrid Solar Inverter
Large Touch LCD Screen; Can Work with LiFPO4; Dual MPPT tracker inside; Parallel up to 6pcs optional; Optional WiFi function.
Single Phase Solar Inverter Manufacturer And Supplier

Single Phase Solar Inverter Manufacturer And Supplier

Microtek Single Phase Solar Inverter, Superior quality, High conversion efficiency

Microtek inverter manufacturers have long been focusing on the R&D, production, and sales of solar energy, lifepo4 deep cycle battery, and UPS. We have developed eight series of products including household, single phase, hybrid microtek inverter, Microtek off-grid solar inverter and MPPT solar inverters, with a power coverage of 3.6-8KW. Welcome to contact us!

How Does Single Phase Solar Inverter Work?

How Does Single Phase Solar Inverter Work?

Working principle of Microtek solar inverter

The process of converting DC power into AC power is called an inverter, the circuit that completes the inverter function is called an inverter circuit, and the device that realizes the inverter process is called inverter equipment or inverter device.

The direct function of the single phase hybrid solar inverter is to convert DC power into AC power. The core of the single phase hybrid solar inverter is the inverter switch circuit, which is referred to as the inverter circuit for short. The circuit completes the inverter function by turning on and off the power electronic switch.

What is the difference between single phase solar inverter and 3 phase solar inverter?

There are significant differences between three-phase and single-phase solar inverters, impacting the performance and application range of solar power systems. Three-phase inverters excel in distributing power across three live wires, reducing voltage drop concerns. They generate three-phase power, making them ideal for three-phase equipment. In contrast, single-phase inverters are simpler and cost-effective but offer lower power output and voltage stability. Single-phase systems are more prone to voltage fluctuations. Furthermore, single-phase systems only require two wires for a 240V supply, while three-phase systems use four wires, accommodating diverse power distribution needs. Choosing between these inverters depends on specific requirements and the electrical setup of your property.

Single Phase Solar Inverter FAQs

What is a single-phase solar inverter?

Single-phase solar inverter means that the voltage of AC power converted from DC power is single-phase, that is, AC 220V. A single-phase solar inverter is a device that converts direct current (DC) electricity generated by a solar panel into alternating current (AC) electricity that can be used in a home or business. Single-phase solar inverter is designed for use with single-phase electricity systems. Single phase hybrid solar inverter typically includes a power optimizer to ensure the most efficient use of the solar energy generated.

What is the scope of application of single-phase solar inverters?

Single-phase solar inverters are typically used to convert direct current (DC) electricity generated from photovoltaic solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity, which is then used to power household appliances. Single phase hybrid solar inverter are commonly used in residential and small commercial applications, such as homes, small businesses, and RV/marine applications. Household appliances, Outdoor lighting, Solar farm, Solar transportation, Solar household, Solar energy generation, Solar street light, etc.

How many types of solar inverters are there?

There are three types of solar inverters. Single-phase, three-phase and split-phase solar inverters.

What are the benefits of using a single phase solar inverter?

Single phase solar inverters are a cost-effective and reliable solution for generating electricity from solar panels. Single phase hybrid solar inverter are also easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Additionally, single phase solar inverters are suitable for both grid-connected and off-grid applications, making them a versatile option for solar power systems.

What are the components of a single phase solar inverter system?

1. Solar Array: A solar array is a collection of solar panels, connected together in order to increase the efficiency of the system and generate more energy.

2. Charge Controller: This device regulates the amount of power that is sent to the battery from the solar array, to ensure the batteries are not overcharged.

3. Battery Bank: The battery bank stores the energy collected by the solar array. This energy can then be used when the solar panels are not producing enough electricity, such as at night.

4. Inverter: The single phase hybrid solar inverter converts the DC power from the battery bank into AC power, which can be used to power the home.

5. AC Disconnect: This is a safety device that will disconnect the solar system from the homes electrical grid in the event of an unexpected power surge.

6. Surge Protector: This device will protect all of the components of the system from power surges and other electrical issues.

7. Metering Equipment: This equipment is used to measure how much power is being generated by the solar array, as well as how much power is being used by the home.

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