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PV Solar Inverter

Microtek PV Solar Inverter

We are a new energy company specializing in R&D and manufacturing of Microtek off-grid solar inverter, hybrid Microtek inverters and solutions

The power of Microtek PV Solar Inverter ranges from 3.5KW to 8kW with a high conversion rate and stable performance.

We are a new energy company specializing in R&D and manufacturing of Microtek off-grid solar inverter, hybrid Microtek inverters and solutions

The power of Microtek PV Solar Inverter ranges from 3.5KW to 8kW with a high conversion rate and stable performance.


Types Of Microtek PV Solar Inverters

Microtek PV solar inverter is a reliable and efficient solar inverter. It adopts advanced technology such as MPPT, and stable and efficient maximum power point tracking, to ensure that solar energy is converted into electrical energy most efficiently. Microtek PV solar inverter features high conversion efficiency, low power consumption, strong overload capacity, wide input voltage range and high precision output. It is equipped with advanced communication functions, which can remotely monitor the inverter operation status and make remote control. Microtek PV solar inverter is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial uses.

SUNSHINE 3.5/5.5KW Off Grid Inverter
SUNSHINE is an off-grid inverter from Microtek with MPPT function, which can convert solar energy to the maximum extent; with RGB lighting, it has a gorgeous appearance and has three lighting modes. Its Rated Power is 3.5/5.5KW, suitable for small home, RV or outdoor.
SUNSHINE 8KW Off Grid Solar Inverter
SUNSHINE 8KW has two power models, which can meet the needs of most medium and large power equipment. Photovoltaic input, no need to connect to the grid, eliminating the trouble of power failure. Touchable LCD panel design for easy operation.
SUNRISE 4.2/6.2KW Off Grid Inverter
Touch Button and LCD; Wifi Monitor; USB On-the-go Function; Work with or without Battery; Communication port for BMS.
SUNBATH 3.5/5.5KW Off Grid Inverter
With 100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller Built-in; Efficiently Work With or Without Battery; WIFI Function Optional; With Touch Button on the LCD Display.
SUNNY 5KW Off Grid Inverter
The SUNNY series product is an off-grid solar inverter with parallel function. The stable and good parallel operation of the inverter will greatly improve the reliability and capacity of the micro grid system. This model can be connected in parallel with a maximum of 9 inverters.
SUNSEEKER 5KW Hybrid Solar Inverter
Built-in WIFI for Mobile Monitoring(Requires APP); 5KW Work as Off Grid and On Grid; Max. Can Be 9pcs in Parallel With Optional Kit; Compatible with Lithium Battery; High efficiency with or without battery.
SUNSEEKER 6KW Hybrid Solar Inverter
Dual AC&12Vdc Output; With RGB Light; Parallel up to 9pcs optional; Real Hybrid can Feed to Grid; Touch Button and LCD.
SUNSEEKER 8KW Hybrid Solar Inverter
Large Touch LCD Screen; Can Work with LiFPO4; Dual MPPT tracker inside; Parallel up to 6pcs optional; Optional WiFi function.
PV Solar Inverter Manufacturer And Supplier

PV Solar Inverter Manufacturer And Supplier

Microtek PV Solar Inverter, Keep ahead in technology, Stabilize in product

Microtek owns strong technical strength, abundant production capacity, complete inspection system, stable product quality. Furthermore, Microtek’s products are approved with all kinds of quality standards such as CE, FCC and RoHS.

How Does A PV Inverter Work?

How Does A PV Inverter Work?

PV Solar Inverter is an inverter that can convert the variable DC voltage generated by photovoltaic solar panel locks into AC frequency AC inverters, which can be fed back to commercial power transmission systems or used for off-grid power grids.

The core of the inverter device is the inverter switch circuit, which is referred to as the inverter circuit for short. The circuit completes the inverter function by turning on and off the power electronic switch.

Microtek PV Solar Inverters FAQs

What is the benefits of solar PV inverters

1. Improved Energy Efficiency: PV Solar inverters convert the direct current (DC) output of a photovoltaic (PV) system into an alternating current (AC) suitable for grid use. Because of their efficiency, inverters can reduce energy losses in the system, meaning more of the energy generated by the PV system is delivered to the grid.

2. Cost Savings: PV Solar inverters can reduce utility bills by allowing households to generate their own electricity from the sun. This helps to offset the cost of buying electricity from the grid, resulting in cost savings.

3. Reduced Maintenance: PV Solar inverters are designed to last for decades with minimal maintenance. This means less time and money spent on maintaining the system.

What is a photovoltaic inverter?

The PV inverter converts the DC power of the PV modules into AC power that conforms to the grid standard, and connects it to the public grid (grid-connected PV inverter), while controlling and monitoring the entire factory.

What are the common faults of photovoltaic inverters?

1. Poor Heat Dissipation: Poor insulation and inadequate ventilation can cause the photovoltaic inverter to overheat, leading to a decrease in efficiency and a shorter lifespan.

2. Low Efficiency: Some models of photovoltaic inverters are not as efficient as they should be, reducing the amount of power generated from the solar array.

3. Power Loss: Poor connection between the photovoltaic array and the inverter can cause power loss, resulting in reduced energy production.

4. Poor Battery Performance: Photovoltaic inverters can cause problems with battery performance if they are not properly matched to the system.

5. Unstable Voltage: Photovoltaic inverters can produce unstable voltage, resulting in reduced power output and load disruption.

What is the difference between on grid and off-grid PV solar inverters?

The difference between grid-connected and off-grid is that on grid needs to be connected to the grid, while off-grid energy storage can be directly used for power supply without being connected to the grid.

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