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Microtek Module UPS 100-600KVA(100K module)

Product Type: Modular UPS 100-600KVA(100k module)-4 parallel to 2400kVA

100-600kVA is a newest generation of centralized bypass three-in-three-out modular UPSThe product adopts digital control, modular design and N+X parallel redundancy technology. Thecapacity covers all power sections between 100kVA and 600kVA, which is convenient for users toconfigure flexibly and gradually invest. lt can be 4 parallel to 2400kVA.

Scenarios: Large and medium data centers, server rooms.

Financialcenters,government,enterpriselT rooms,medicaleducation and other mission-criticalapplications.

Module UPS 100-600KVA(100K module)
Module UPS 100-600KVA(100K module)

Features of Module UPS 100-600KVA(100K module)

Key features:

(1)Advanced Technology

  • DSP controltechnology, excellent

  • performance, high stability system

  • Three phase Vienna and three-level technology with 97% efficiency

  • Output powerfactor 1.0

(2)High Reliability

  • Centralized controlredundancy,N+X parallelredundancy up to 99.999%

  • Centralized bypassimproves the power supplyability

  • With EPO and REPO function

(3)Strong Convenience

  • Modular design,adjustable power module quantity

  • Hot-swappable module, short maintenancetime

  • 10inches color touch screen, providingabundant UPS status

(4)Smart Design

  • Charging mode in smooth switching by LCD setting

  • Charging mode in smooth switching by LCD setting

  • Multiple optional parts, such as SNMP,relaydry contact card, etc

(5)Green Concept

  • 3U modular design saves machine roomspace

  • Parallel shared battery technology reducesbattery investment

  • Optional30-50pcs batteries without Nlineleads flexible configuration

Specifications Of Module UPS 100-600KVA(100K module)

ModelModular UPS 100-600KVA(100K Module)
Max. Module Number6
Main InputRated Voltage380/400/415Vac
Voltage Range138-485Vac; 305-485Vac(No derating), 138-305Vac(Linear Derating)
Phase3 Phase 5 Wires
Frequency Range40-70Hz
Power factor≧0.99
Current THDi≦3%(100% Linear Load)
Bypass InputRated Voltage380/400/415Vac
Phase3 Phase 5 Wires
Bypass Protection Range±10%
Power Walking inYes
Bypass Back IrrigationYes
Generator AccessYes
Power factor1
Frequency(Hz)Utility ModeBypass Protection(Inverter Supply)
Battery Mode(50/60±0.05%)Hz
Wave FormPure Sine Wave
Crest Factor3:01
THDV≦1%(100% Linear Load);≦3%(100% Non Linear Load);
Transfer Time(ms)Utilit to Bypass: 0ms; Utility to Battery: 0ms
Overload≦110%, to bypass after 60mins;
≦125%, to bypass after 10mins;
≦150%, to bypass after 1mins;
Modular Charge CurrentMax 30A
VoltageOptional Voltage: 360-600Vdc(30-50 pieces optional), no battery N line
Operating Temperature0℃ - 40℃
Storage Temperature-40℃ - 70℃ (No battery)
Humidity0-95%(No condensing)
Altitude< 1500m(Over 1500m, derating use)
Noise(dB)(1m distance)< 70dB
AlarmOverload, Utility abnormal, UPS fault, battery low etc
ProtectionShort circuit, overload, over temperature, battery low, fan fault alarm, bypass back irrigation, lightning protection.
Communication InterfaceCAN, RS485, networt port, dry connector, parallel port, LBS, SNMP, temperature sensor port
Net Weight(kg)Cabinet412

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