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Microtek 390W/600VA Desktop Offline UPS

The Microtek 390W/600VADesktop Offline UPS is a reliable power backup solution designed to protect your devices during power outages. This 390W/600VADesktop Offline UPS can support multiple devices, ensuring their smooth operation during power interruptions. Although it’s not as powerful as the 2KVA or 3KVA offline UPS, it is perfect for desktop computers and other small appliances. The Microtek UPS operates in two modes: online and offline. In online mode, it provides continuous power supply, while in offline mode, it switches to battery power during outages. This UPS system is an excellent choice for maintaining uninterrupted power supply.

600VA/390W Desktop Offline UPS
600VA/390W Desktop Offline UPS

Features of 390W/600VA Desktop Offline UPS

  • 600VA/390W

  • with 5V X 2 output ports

  • All sockets have battery backup

  • Available with USB controller port (for monitoring)

  • Desktop Type offline Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) -with 4 wall German type outlets


Microtek offline ups in stock selections.

Microtek offline ups in stock selections.

Specifications Of 390W/600VA Desktop Offline UPS

Technical Parameters
Model600VA/390W Desktop Offline UPS
Rated Power600VA/390W 
Battery capacity12V/5Ah lead acid battery
Recharge time8 hours
AC input voltage220VAC
AC input voltage range175-260VAC
AC input frequency50/60Hz
AC Output voltage range175-260VAC
AC Output voltage(battery mode)225±5VAC
AC Output frequency50/60Hz
Output waveformPWM(batt.mode)
USB output5V/2A*2
Output sockets4 x European socket or bypass for option
Environment of performanceTemperature 0℃-40℃, Humidity 20% - 90%
Noise level≤ 40dB(1m)
Machine Specifications


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