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Microtek 30kw hybid solar inverter+614.4V 50AH LiFePo4 battery pack

30kw hybid solar inverter+614.4V 50AH LiFePo4 battery pack

Features of 30kw hybid solar inverter+614.4V 50AH LiFePo4 battery pack

1. IP65 enclosure for hybrid inverter

2. Dual outputs for smart load management

3. 150% unbalanced load support

4. Built-in WiFi for mobile monitoring(APP is available)

5. Enhance AC/Solar charger to 50A

6. Wide battery input range

7. Built-in communications port for BMS(RS485)

8. Self-consumption and feed-back to the grid

9. Programmable supply priority for PV, battery or Grid

10. Programmable multiple operation modes: Grid-tie, off-grid and grid-tie wit backup

11. Built-in timer for various model of on/off operation

12. LiFePo4 battery cell

13. Scalable Li-ion battery expansion

Specifications Of 30kw hybid solar inverter+614.4V 50AH LiFePo4 battery pack

Energy Storage System-All in One
30kw hybrid solar inverter with High-Voltage 30kWh LiFePo4 battery pack
INVERTER MODEL30kw hybrid solar inverter + 614.4V 50AH LiFePo4 battery pack
Maximum PV Input Power40 000W
Rated Output Power30 000W
Maximum Charging Power30 000W
Nominal DC Voltage / Maximum DC Voltage720 VDC / 1000 VDC
Start-up Voltage / Initial Feeding Voltage320 VDC / 350 VDC
MPPT Voltage Range350 VDC ~ 900 VDC
Number of MPP Trackers / Maximum Input Current3 / A: 26A, B: 26A, C: 26A
Nominal Output Voltage230 VAC(P-N) / 400 VAC(P-P)
Output Voltage Range184 - 265 VAC per phase
Max Output Current43.5 A per phase
Maximum Conversion Efficiency(DC/AC)96.50%
European Efficiency @ Vnominal96%
AC Start-up Voltage / Auto Restart Voltage120 - 140 VAC per phase / 180 VAC per phase
Acceptable Input Voltage Range170 - 280 VAC per phase
Maximum AC Input Current50A
Nominal Output Voltage230 VAC(P-N) / 400 VAC(P-P)
Maximum Conversion Efficiency (DC to AC)96%
Nominal DC Voltage500 ~ 800 VDC
Maximum Charging Current50A
Dimension, D×W×H (mm)255 × 660 × 750
Net Weight(kgs)73

BATTERY MODULELiFePo4 Battery (scalable type)
CONTROLLER BOX MODULEHybrid inverter + LiFePo4 battery control box
SINGLE BATTERY MODULELiFePo4 battery module (51.2V/100Ah, 5120Wh)
Nominal Voltage614.4VDC
Full Charge Voltage(FC)691.2VDC
Full Discharge Voltage(FD)537.6VDC
Typical Capacity50 Ah
Typical Energy30kwh
Max Continuous Discharing Current60A
Max Peak Discharing Current75A
ProtectionBMS & Circuit breaker
Charge Voltage672VDC
Charge Current10A
Maximum Charge Current25A
Standard Charge Method0.2C CC(Constant current) charge to FC,
CV (Constant voltage FC) charge till charge current decline to < 0.05C
Cycle Life6000 Cycles @ >80% capacity
Inner Resistance< 20m ohm
Operating Temperature (Charge)0℃ to 55℃
Operating Temperature (Discharge)-0℃ to 55℃
Compliance SafetyIEC 62619, UN38.3
(Single Battery Module)Dimension, D×W×H (mm)220 × 630 × 320
(Single Battery Module)Net Weight(kgs)51.3
(Controller Box)Dimension, D×W×H (mm)220 × 630 × 210
(Controller Box)Net Weight(kgs)5.95
(Complete Set)Dimension, D×W×H (mm)220 × 630 × 1280 & 220 × 630 × 1070
(Complete Set)Net Weight(kgs)328

Dimension of 6PCS High Voltage 102.4V/50Ah, 5120Wh LiFePo4 battery module 

Dimension of 6PCS High Voltage 102.4V/50Ah, 5120Wh LiFePo4 battery module

System Diagram


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