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Microtek 120KVA-120KW

100KVA-100KW UPS
100KVA-100KW UPS

Features of 120KVA-120KW

  • Pluggable power module design with front access to decrease MTTR, parallel redundancy capability for power guarantee

  • Parallel operation with common battery

  • Power walk-in funcion

  • Dual-mains inputs

  • Built-in 4 switches including Mains input, bypass input, output and maintenance bypass switch

  • Flexible battery configuration and adjustable charging current

  • Output power factor 1.0

  • Active power factor correction in all phases

  • Built-in 7" touch LCD screen for comprehensive information

  • Emergency power off function(EPO)

  • Generator compatible

  • 50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode

Specifications Of 120KVA-120KW

Model120KVA/120KW High Frequency Tower Online UPS PF1.0
Phase3-phase in / 3-phase out
Cabinet Capacity120KVA/120KW
Battery TypeExternal Battery
Parallel CapabilityUP to 4 units in parallel
Nominal Voltage3*380/400/415 VAC(3Ph+N) 
Voltage Range110-300VAC@50% load
176-276VAC@100% load
Nominal Frequency50/60 Hz(Auto sensing)
Frequency Range40Hz ~ 70Hz
Power Factor≧0.99@100% Load
Harmonic Distortion(THDi)<4% at full linear load
Nominal Voltage3*380/400/415 VAC(3Ph+N)
Voltage Regulation(Steady State)≦  ± 1% Typical (balanced load)
≦  ± 2% Typical (unbalanced load) 
Nominal Frequency50/60 Hz
Frequency Range(Synchronized range)46~54Hz or 56 ~ 64Hz
Overload Capability≤110% for 1 hour, 111%~125% for 10 mins, 126%~150% for 1 min and >150% for 200ms
Harmonic Distortion≤2% THD(Linear Load)
≤4% THD(Non-Linear Load)
AC Mode95.50%
ECO Mode98.50%
BATTERY Mode94.50%
Nominal Voltage3*380/400/415 VAC(3Ph+N)
Voltage Range-30%~+20%(Adjustable)
Frequency Range(Synchronized Range)46~54Hz or 56 ~ 64Hz
Overload Capability≤110% for 1 hour, 111%~125% for 10 mins, 126%~150% for 1 min and >150% for 200ms
Nominal Voltage+/- 192V ~ +/- 240V (Selectable)
Maximum Voltage+/- 240V (12V × 40pcs)
Minimum Voltage+/- 192V (12V × 32pcs)
Floating Charge Voltage2.28V / Cell (2.25 ~ 2.33 Selectable)
Boost Charging Voltage2.35V/Cell
Temperature CompensationYes
Maximum Charging Current 36A(Adjustable)
IP ClassIP20
Dimension, D×W×H(mm)1000×480×1600
Net Weight(Kgs)169
Operating Temperature0~ 40℃
Operating Humidity<95% and non-condersing
Altitude<1000m for Nominal Power
Smart RS-232 / USBSupports Windows Family, Linux and MAC
Optional SNMPPower management from SNMP manager and web browser
**If the UPS is installed or used in a placewhere the altitude is above than 1000m, the output power must be derated one percent per 100m.
Product specifications are subject to change without further notice.

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