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Portable solar system for home use

The video introduces a portable solar home system consisting of a solar panel, power bank, AC and DC outputs, USB ports, and three lighting bulbs. The system meets people's needs in various circumstances and our company - Microtek offers One-Stop solar solutions including solar panels, power banks, connection cables, and accessories for installation. We also provide OEM and ODM services and our experienced engineering team will offer the best Microtek solar solutions based on specific demands. The goal is to help more people enjoy a happy life through portable solar power systems.

A portable solar energy system can solve your unexpected needs, whether it's an accidental power failure, traveling, or temporary power supply. A set of systems can solve this problem. Small and lightweight, as long as there is the sun can be used. Clean and non-polluting energy for safety and ease of use!

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Main Features:

Clear working status indication 

Fast charge USB 

Easy to carry, easy to install

Reliable performance, simple operation

Economical and convenient power solution.



Know more about Microtek solar inverter solutions(, and customize your own solar power system.

Microtek company is a top solar inverter company in the world with different types of solar inverters including off-grid solar inverters and hybrid solar inverters for your choice, welcome to contact us anytime.

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