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How to Improve the Service Life of Solar Inverters?

A solar inverter, also known as a power adjuster, is an essential part of the photovoltaic system. The main function of the photovoltaic inverter is to convert the DC generated by solar panels into the AC used by household appliances. All the electricity generated by solar panels must be processed by the inverter before it is outputted to the outside world.

The service life of solar inverters is determined by the quality of the inverter, the installation environment, and the later maintenance and upkeep. So how can we install and maintain the solar inverter properly to improve its service life?

When installing and using the solar inverter, we need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The solar inverter should be installed in a well-ventilated environment to maintain good ventilation with the outside world. If it needs to be installed in a closed space, a ventilation duct and exhaust fan or air conditioner should be added. It cannot be installed in a sealed box.

  • The installation position of the inverter should avoid direct sunlight. If it needs to be installed outdoors, it is best to choose to install it under the eaves on the back side or below the solar panel. There should be awnings or other components above the inverter for shading. If it is installed in an open area, it is recommended to install a sunshade or rain shelter over the solar inverter.

  • Whether it is a single installation or multiple installations of solar inverters, it is necessary to follow the installation space dimensions provided by the solar inverter manufacturer to ensure that the inverter has sufficient ventilation and heat dissipation space and space for later maintenance. During the installation, the solar inverter should be kept away from high-temperature areas such as boilers, fuel heaters, heating pipes, and air conditioning outdoor unit exhaust ports.

External environmental precautions for solar inverter operation

The external environment in which the solar inverter operates is also an important factor that affects its service life. Nowadays, the protection level of string inverters on the market can achieve IP65 or even IP66, which can prevent dust, water, and have anti-salt spray corrosion ability, and can be suitable for harsh external environments. However, in areas with severe pollution or more dust and dirt, the dirt falling on the radiator will affect its functions. Fine particles such as dust, fallen leaves, and sediments may also enter the air duct of the inverter and affect heat dissipation, thereby affecting the service life. In such cases, it is crucial to regularly clean the dirt on the inverter or heat dissipation fan to ensure that the inverter has good heat dissipation conditions.

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