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How to choose an off-grid solar inverter? 11 Things to consider.

What is an off-grid solar inverter?

An off-grid solar inverter is a type of solar inverter that is designed to operate in off-grid solar power systems. Off-grid solar power systems are systems that are not connected to the national power grid and rely solely on solar energy to operate.

Off-grid solar inverters are often called stand-alone inverters because they are independent of the power grid. They are responsible for converting DC power produced by solar panels into AC power that can be used by AC appliances in your home.

The key feature of an off-grid solar inverter is its ability to store excess energy produced during the day in batteries for use at night or during inclement weather. This storage ability is particularly important for off-grid power systems that cannot rely on the power grid during periods of low sunlight.

Off-grid solar inverters are often used in remote locations where there is no access to the grid or as a backup power source in case of a grid outage. They are also used in places where the cost of extending the power grid to a particular location is prohibitively expensive.

Off-grid solar inverters come in a range of sizes and capacities to suit different needs. They can be small enough to power a single appliance or large enough to power an entire home or a small business.

Overall, off-grid solar inverters are an important component of off-grid solar power systems, allowing users to capture and store solar energy for use when needed.

11 things to consider when purchasing an off-grid solar inverter

Choosing an off-grid solar inverter suitable for your applications is quite important, and there are several factors to consider. Here are some things you should keep in mind when choosing an off-grid solar inverter:


1. Power Output: Select an off-grid solar inverter that meets your power needs, including peak demand and initial surge needs because the output should be stable and reliable. 

2. Inverter Type: Choose an inverter based on the size of your solar panel array, whether you need single-phase or three-phase power. Microtek supplies different types of off-grid solar inverters with MPPT function, parallel function, WiFi function, photovoltaic input, etc.

3. Efficiency: Make sure you choose a highly efficient off-grid solar inverter that can convert a high volume of DC energy into AC energy, so your system runs more effectively. 

4. Battery Compatibility: Make sure that the off-grid solar inverter you choose is compatible with the battery size and chemistry of the storage system, and the battery storage and monitoring systems you plan to install. Choose an off-grid solar inverter that fits your solar panel system size, electrical capacity initial demand, and maximum power needs.

5. Remote Monitoring: A device that can be monitored and managed remotely is advantageous as it allows you to keep track and troubleshoot issues from anywhere. Microtek off-grid solar inverters are WiFi monitors.

6. Capacity: Choose an inverter that can handle the maximum power output of your solar panel array.

7. Expertise: Look for an off-grid solar inverter supplier with experience to help with sizing, installation, commissioning, repairs, and after-sales services. And it is best to consider purchasing an off-grid solar inverter that comes with adequate remote support, including customer service team support and accessing resources such as manuals or videos. 

8. Warranty: Look for a solar inverter that has a warranty period for as long as possible, in case an expensive repair or replacement is necessary.

9. Brand: Choose a well-established and reputable brand that supplies quality products so that you can have both a high-quality user experience as well as nice after-sales services. 

10. Cost: Choose an off-grid solar inverter that provides value for money for the power output, efficiency, and warranty it offers, while also ensuring it fits your budget. 

11. User-friendly: Look for a solar inverter that is easy to set up and manage, especially if you plan to DIY.

Choose Microtek, A Renowned Off-grid Solar Inverter Factory

Microtek, as a renowned and professional off-grid solar inverter factory, offers high-quality off-grid solar inverters for worldwide customers. Using a Microtek off-grid inverter is an efficient and reliable way to convert solar power into usable electricity. It also allows for greater flexibility in the off-grid system, as the inverter can be adjusted to match the power output of the solar panel. For the current, we have 5 models for your choice, they are: 

SUNSHINE 3.5/5.5KW Microtek Off Grid Solar Inverter


SUNSHINE 8KW Microtek Off Grid Solar Inverter


SUNRISE 4.2/6.2KW Microtek Off Grid Solar Inverter


SUNBATH 3.5/5.5KW Microtek Off Grid Solar Inverter


SUNNY 5KW Microtek Off Grid Solar Inverter


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