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Difference Between Off Grid Solar Inverter and Grid-tied Solar Inverter

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The efficiency of solar inverters is continuously increasing due to the demand for renewable energy sources. These inverters require high efficiency and reliability. Due to the diversity of buildings, there will be variety in the installation of solar panels to achieve the highest conversion efficiency of solar energy while also taking into account the aesthetic appearance of the building. This requires the diversification of our inverters to achieve the best way of solar conversion.

What is the difference between off-grid solar inverters and grid-tie solar inverters?

The purpose of solar inverters is to convert the direct current generated by solar panels into alternating current. All the electricity generated by solar panels must go through the processing of inverters to be able to output power to household appliances. The use of solar inverters can be divided into off-grid and grid-tie. So, what is the difference between them?

Off-grid solar inverters usually use a module component as a complete system processing solution. It is composed of many regulated components: solar inverters, controllers, power generation startup modules, and system control boards. Off-grid solar inverters are systems that are isolated from the public grid. The direct current generated by solar panels is first stored in a battery and then transferred to the off-grid solar inverter to be converted into alternating current, which can be directly used by electrical loads or returned to the battery for storage. They are suitable for areas without power grid coverage, such as desert areas, plateau areas, and forest areas, or in areas where the power grid is unstable, to ensure the power supply is always available.

Grid-tie solar inverters can convert direct current into alternating current. The output of alternating current can be synchronized with the frequency and phase of the utility power, so the output of alternating current can be feedback to the utility power. The biggest difference of grid-tie solar inverters is that no battery storage is used. The direct current generated by the solar panels is directly converted into alternating current through the inverter and fed directly into the public power system. However, there are corresponding thresholds, which are subject to local regulations and policies, otherwise, it cannot be connected to the grid.

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Different types of Microtek off-grid solar inverters for your choice:

SUNSHINE 3.5/5.5KW Off Grid Inverter

SUNSHINE 8KW Off Grid Solar Inverter

SUNRISE 4.2/6.2KW Off Grid Inverter

SUNBATH 3.5/5.5KW Off Grid Inverter

SUNNY 5KW Off Grid Inverter

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