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Badminton Tournament Culminated With Success

In order to enrich the leisure cultural life of employees, enhance the physical quality of employees, enhance the communication and cooperation between employees, so that the majority of the company's employees with a healthy body, vigorous energy, optimistic attitude, full of enthusiasm into the work.

At 14:00 on May 14th, 2022, Microtek successfully held a badminton tournament in the Five-star Badminton Hall. The participating staff united and worked hard, showing a good spirit and high enthusiasm for sports.

Badminton Tournament Opening Ceremony

At 1 pm, the participants and the staff rushed to the scene one by one, and at 14:00, all the staff arrived, and the event officially opened. We stood side by side and took a photo together. Everyone's face was filled with smiles of expectation.

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Warm up before tournament

In our tournament, the mechanism of mixed doubles was adopted. The participants formed teams freely, and one player from each group drew lots to get the opponent and the order of appearance. 21 points system, get 1 ball get 1 point, priority to get 21 points to win.

Everyone warmed up before competition, ready to go;

HR partners prepared sufficient supplies for the participants before the competition, so that everyone could take them at any time and replenish their energy.

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Tournament Progress

The first round was hot

The first round of tournament, a total of 24 people formed 12 teams, pairwise pk, determined there are 6 winners, advanced to the second round of tournament; The remaining six losing teams will receive the "Youth Award".

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Who will win the prize

In the process of the game, the players showed a tenacious fighting spirit, but also played the team cooperation consciousness, playing fast, accurate, ruthless, some teams between the level gap is very small, the game is very fierce, the arena at the same time sounded cheering and cheering

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A contest between the victors

The final winner and loser was determined in the second round after intense tournament.

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This tournament not only provides a platform for the company's badminton fans to show themselves and exchange ideas with each other, but also further improves the staff's ability of solidarity, cooperation and communication, as well as their physical fitness. Our company will continue to carry out all kinds of cultural and sports activities, guide the majority of employees to cultivate a healthy lifestyle and sports hobbies, encourage everyone to strive for the upward sports spirit into the work, to contribute more to the development of the company.

Photos after tournament

01  Rivals in the game, friends after the game

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02Pick the fruits of victory

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03All of you who worked so hard for the game

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Group photos of the partners

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