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Are Solar Inverters Noisy?

Many customers frequently ask this question when shopping for a new solar inverter, especially if they are installing the solar inverter near a window, a bedroom, or a study room.

A High-quality Solar Inverter Is Very Quiet

In fact, a high-quality manufactured solar inverter is always very quiet and you won't hear any noise because it is actually made of electronic components and there is no internal transformer inside (transformerless). On the other hand, old inverters and cheap brands will make a humming noise because they have a transformer inside, and this noise is higher when the inverter is heavily loaded. So in all cases, to know how much noise a solar inverter will make, you must check the solar inverter nameplate "label" and data sheet for noise data before deciding to buy what brand or model.

Don't Install Solar Inverter Directly in The Window Or Bedroom

Inverter noise may not be a problem in some cases as the inverter will turn off at night so it won't disturb your sleep and study at night, however, we still recommend buying a high-quality inverter and don't put it installed directly in the window or in the bedroom. Also note that it is not recommended to install the inverter where it will be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time during the day, as this will overheat it and severely affect its performance and longevity. It is also technically and economically better to install the solar inverter near or directly near the switchboard.

Generally speaking, if we place the inverter directly in a remote part of our home, such as a garage, the noise impact that a solar inverter may have is minimal.

Different types of solar inverters are available at Microtek.

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