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Application and Function of Off Grid Solar Inverters

The voltage conversion process of off-grid solar inverters

An off-grid solar inverter is a voltage conversion process from low voltage to high voltage, from DC to AC, and from 12V/24V to 110V/220V. Why do we need to convert 12V/24V to 110V/220V?

In fact, the standard voltages used in each country are different. For example, China uses 220V, while North America and Japan use 110V. Only when the inverter meets the standards of the local power grid voltage, it is called an inverter. Generally speaking, off-grid solar inverters are mostly connected to batteries, such as lead-acid batteries with a voltage of 12V 50A or 12V 100A, or 12V 200A. Therefore, the DC voltage of the off-grid solar inverter depends on the voltage of the battery. When your inverter has a DC voltage of 12V, you need to connect it to a battery. When your inverter is DC 24V, you only need to connect two 12V batteries in series to increase the voltage.


Microtek Off-grid Solar Inverter Design and Configuration

The application of general off-grid solar inverters

Off-grid solar inverters are used in areas where the voltage is often unstable or where the electric supply is frequently cut off. For example, some friends need power (connecting batteries to solar inverters) for business, especially in barbecues, small fruit stands, and night market stalls. They are also suitable for use in remote mountainous areas where there is no access to an electric supply, for camping where lighting is needed, and for charging laptops and mobile phones in vehicles.

The function of off-grid solar inverters

Active operation and shut-down function: After sunrise in the morning, the intensity of solar radiation gradually increases, and the output of the solar cell also increases accordingly. When the output power of the solar cell reaches the required power for the inverter task, the inverter will start to operate actively. After entering the operation mode, the inverter monitors the output of the solar cell components every moment. As long as the output power of the solar cell components is greater than the required output power for the inverter task, the solar inverter will continue to operate, even on rainy days. When the output of the solar cell components decreases and the output of the inverter approaches zero, the inverter will enter a standby state.

Maximum power point tracking function: The output of the solar cell components changes with the intensity of solar radiation and the temperature of the solar cell components themselves (chip temperature). Moreover, because the voltage of the solar cell components decreases as the current increases, there is an optimal operating point where maximum power can be obtained. The intensity of solar radiation changes and the optimal operating point also changes accordingly. The system always keeps the operating point of the solar cell components at the maximum power point and obtains the maximum power output from the solar cell components. This control is called maximum power point tracking. The most remarkable feature of the inverter used in the solar power generation system is the maximum power point tracking (MPPT) function.

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Different types of Microtek off-grid solar inverters for your choice:

SUNSHINE 3.5/5.5KW Off Grid Inverter

SUNSHINE 8KW Off Grid Solar Inverter

SUNRISE 4.2/6.2KW Off Grid Inverter

SUNBATH 3.5/5.5KW Off Grid Inverter

SUNNY 5KW Off Grid Inverter

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