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Microtek 8KW Hybrid Solar System

This is an 8KW hybrid solar system project in Uganda.

8KW Hybrid Solar System Project Background

The 8KW hybrid solar system designed for the commercial project of solar power system for a small shop is an ideal solution for generating electricity to power refrigerators and other appliances necessary to run the shop. The project’s primary motive is to reduce electricity costs and ensure uninterrupted power supply. The project’s success relies on accurate design and configuration of the system components to ensure high efficiency, reliability, and minimal maintenance needs.


8KW Hybrid Solar System

8KW hybrid solar system design and configuration

15 pieces of poly solar panel

1 piece 8000W hybrid inverter: Sunseeker 8kw hybrid solar inverter

4 pieces of 100AH LifePo4 Battery


Microtek Batteries

1 piece of PV Array Combiner

1 set solar panel rack

30M / 60M cables

The system configuration consists of 15 pieces of poly solar panels that allow for maximum energy absorption from the sun. The panels convert solar energy into electrical energy using photovoltaic cells. During daylight hours, the solar panels collect energy and send it to the battery bank, where it is stored to power the shop during the night.

The system’s energy storage component comprises four pieces of 100AH LifePo4 batteries, which are connected in series, offering sufficient energy storage capacity. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, also referred to as LifePO4 or LFP, are commonly used for applications requiring high power density, long life expectancy, and excellent safety characteristics.

The PV (photovoltaic) Array Combiner is an essential component of the system, allowing the solar panels to be connected in parallel or series, depending on the energy requirements. The PV Array Combiner also provides additional protection to the power system by monitoring the voltage, current and temperature of the solar panels, enhancing the systems' reliability while ensuring maximum energy output.

The Sunseeker 8kw hybrid solar inverter is used to convert DC energy stored in the batteries into AC energy that can be used to power various appliances in the shop. A hybrid inverter is an all-in-one unit that combines the inverter, charge controller, and transfer switch, thereby reducing the system's complexity and cost.

8kw hybrid solar inverter

Sunseeker 8kw hybrid solar inverter

The solar panel rack is designed to provide sturdy support for the panels, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. The rack's positioning is also critical, as it ensures maximum exposure of the solar panels to sunlight, minimizing the loss of energy.

The 30M / 60M cables are used to extend the distance between components of the system, ensuring convenient placement and efficient operation of the system.

An 8KW hybrid solar system designed for the commercial project of solar power system for a small shop is an excellent solution for a sustainable, reliable, and cost-effective energy source. The successful implementation of the system's design and configuration will ensure that the shop's electricity demand is met while reducing the carbon footprint. The project serves as an example for businesses seeking alternative energy solutions to enhance productivity, and energy efficiency, and reduce operational costs.

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