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6th Power & Energy Africa 2022

6th POWER & ENERGY AFRICA 2022 – Microtek presents latest product innovations across UPS and PV industry segments.

We invite you to the most prestigious event in the world of electronics.

Microtek is pleased to be showcasing a range of high-impact innovations at the Diamond Jubilee Expo Center in Tanzania, from 24-26 March 2022 in stall No.133-134.

microtek power

About Microtek:

Microtek is a renowned player in the new energy product market. It is the one of most trusted & preferred brands. No wonder it’s the company’s best-in-class products that have helped the organization to achieve the position of most trusted & preferred brand. Being a technology innovator and a pioneer in the power back-up industry, Microtek stands tall as an epitome in the space with its capability of making reliable and latest technology incorporated products that are well accepted and appreciated by household consumers & the industrial sector across the globe.

Microtek today is offering many products covering Power Backup, Solar Energy, Energy Storage, and related solutions. All of these products are of premium quality and crafted to cater to the unique requirements of the consumers.

With such dedicated offerings, Microtek today has earned the valuable trust from users worldwide. Since its inception, the organization has achieved tremendous growth and excellence in all verticals of its operations.

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